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Homecoming Queen Raises Funds for Multiple Sclerosis

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By, Samantha Stambaugh – Shippensburg, PA

November 18, 2013

Sarah Maize was elected the 2013 Homecoming Queen at the end of October, after raising almost $2,300.

She is personally affected by multiple sclerosis in her family. Maize has watched her grandmother suffer from the disease since she was a small child.

Maize is a junior at Shippensburg University.


Samantha Stambaugh deals with Multiple Sclerosis

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By, Samantha Stambaugh – Shippensburg University

November 20, 2013

When I was a senior in high school at 17 years old, I was woke up with numbness in my right arm, right leg, and my vision was constantly changing.

I went to my family doctor and she sent me to a neurologist who then sent for MRI’s of my brain, neck, and spine, blood work, a spinal tap, and other tests.

They all came back positive for multiple sclerosis.

Since I was diagnosed, I have completed 3 MS walks, interned with the MS Society of Central Pennsylvania, and raised over $10,000 for the society from the homecoming committee.

I was awarded earlier in November for the Multiple Sclerosis Achievement Award and I am set to graduate from Shippensburg University on December 14th.

Freedom of Speech can sometimes be too much

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By, Samantha Stambaugh – Shippensburg, PA

November 8, 2013

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution states that every citizen has the right to the freedom of religion and the freedom of speech. But when does that go to far?

Friday afternoon, religious activists came on to Shippensburg University’s campus. These activists held signs that read “SIN AWARENESS DAY” and “EVOLUTION IS A LIE”, while preaching to anyone who passed by.

While groups such as this one are usually are peaceful, this time they were abrasive. Groups normally stand outside of the library by the academic quad. However, this group proceeded to take its preaching elsewhere.

Members from this group entered the Ceddia Union Building’s Galley during lunchtime and according to Brenda Kunkleman were harassing and following students to the point where the university police were involved.

However, the university police only told them they cannot be in the CUB and monitored the situation for a small portion of time.

During this time, a time that supplies a great deal of traffic to the building, there were not only Shippensburg students, but prospective students and their parents visiting the campus on tours.

This group was targeting students by calling them idiots, whores, and saying things like “God has the power to strike you to hell”.

Interim President, Dr. Jody Harpster, involved the university police who escorted the group out of the Ceddia Union Building.

However, many Shippensburg Students are taught about a free speech zone located in front of the library.

Because Shippensburg is a public university, the whole campus must be viewed as a free speech zone.

These groups are not allowed to disrupt students or enter university buildings.

APB Movies

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By, Samantha Stambaugh – Shippensburg, PA

Seeing new movies isn’t always easy for college students, especially before they come out on DVD or Redbox.

Shippensburg’s Activities Program Board has the solution!

Free movies are available monthly for students to view.

APB chooses the movies by visiting a website, Swank, and see what movies are available for that month and are not yet available on DVD. The board then votes and decides what to show students.

The movies for the month of October are Monsters University, Despicable Me 2, We’re The Millers, and The Bling Ring.

The movie dates and times are available in the October edition of APB’s event listings and are shown in the Orndorff Theater.

Kristina Carey goes in depth about how the board chooses the movies. Listen to hear more.


Shippensburg Homecoming

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By, Samantha Stambaugh

Two queen candidates answer questions about why they decided to run for Shippensburg University’s Homecoming Queen.

APB Parents and Family Weekend

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By, Samantha Stambaugh, Shippensburg, PA

September 25, 2013

You might not think it’s magical when your mom comes to college, but this Saturday, the Activities Program Board is hosting its annual Parents and Family Celebration with the theme of The Magic at SHIP.

Parents, guardians, friends, and families are encouraged to join their students for photo opportunities, games, a balloon artist and a mentalist.

The day will start off with a pancake breakfast at Reisner Dining Hall with Interim President Dr. Jody Harpster.

Stop by the CUB today to register and find out more about APB’s Parents and Family Celebration.

SU Homecoming King and Queen

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By, Samantha Stambaugh, Shippensburg, PA

September 18, 2013

It’s that time of year again!

Applications are now available at the CUB Information Desk to apply for the next Homecoming King and Queen to follow in the footsteps of the 2012 King and Queen, Jimmy Thren and Sara Kobus.

Juniors and Seniors that meet the academic requirement and have at least a 2.5 GPA are elegible to apply.

Show off your creativity by campaigning for the position on the Homecoming Court.

The winner will be crowned on October 26th at the Homecoming football game when the Shippensburg Red Raiders battle the West Chester Rams.

Money raised will go to the Homecoming’s 2013 Charity, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society of Central Pennsylvania.