What is Multiple Sclerosis?

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By, Samantha Stambaugh – Shippensburg, PA

November 20, 2013

Many people know someone who is affected by Multiple Sclerosis. Across the world, there are 2.3 million men and women affected with MS.

There are four different types of multiple sclerosis.

The most common type is Relapsing Remitting, which affects 85% of newly diagnosed people. Relapses, or attacks, are followed by a partial or complete recovery and symptoms can be inactive for months or even years.

Secondary Progressive MS occurs when relapses are occasional, but some symptoms remain constant with no remission.

Primary Progressive MS is seen in less than 10% of people with MS. There is a slow onset followed by a continuous worsening of the condition.

Progressive Relapsing MS affects 5% of all people with MS. This type is a steady worsening of the condition after the initial diagnosis and severe relapses with or without complete recovery.

There is currently no known cause and no known cure for the disease.

However, there are 13 types of disease modifying drugs to help patients. These are in intravenous, injection, or pill form.

For more information about MS, visit nmss.org.


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