Month: November 2013

Red Heads

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By, Samantha Stambaugh – Shippensburg, PA

Only 2% of the world has the recessive gene that produces red hair. However, many people bully red heads.

Here are some less commonly known facts about the people who boast this unique colored hair.

Fun Facts

  • 1-2% of humans or 2/100 people in the world have red hair
  • Red is the most rare hair color in humans.
  • Red hair doesn’t gray as much as other hair colors, it initially turns blonde and then white.
  • Red headed women bruise easier.
  • People with red hair have twice the risk of developing Parkinson ’s disease.


  • Ancient Greeks believed that red heads would turn into vampires after death.
  • During the middle ages, a child with red hair was thought to be conceived during “unclean sex” or during menstruation.
  • During the witch hunts of the 16th and 17th centuries in Europe, many women were burned at the stake as witches because of their hair color.
  • Hitler banned the marriage of redheads in order to prevent “deviant offspring”.
  • Mark Twain said “while the rest of the human race are descended from monkeys, redheads derive from cats”.
  • Red hair is a recessive trait, which means that a child must inherit one red hair gene from each parent.
  • Redheads are more likely to be left handed.
  • “Gingerphobia” is a fear of redheads.
  • “Gingerism” is the bullying or prejudice of redheads.
  • Bush fire, carrot top, burning bush, cherry, cheeto crotch, copper kettle, Dorito head, fireball, firebush, fire-crotch, ginger, little red, orange, red, pumpkin, freckleface, pippi longstocking, Ronald mcdonald, red snapper, strawberry shortcake, red-headed step-child,

Red Head Celebrities

  • Red head celebrities: Katharine Hepburn, Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Molly Ringwald, Julia Roberts, Ginger Spice, Kate Winslet, Lindsay Lohan, Emma Stone, Lana Del Rey, Danny Bonaduce, Ron Howard, Rupert Grint, Bobby Flay, Conan O’Brein, Seth Green, Prince Harry, Ewan McGregor.
  • Red heads are also in children’s movies: Annie, the Little Mermaid, Brave, Harry Potter, The Breakfast Club, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Enchanted, Peter Pan, The Parent Trap, Anne of Green Gables, Harry Potter

APB Movies

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By, Samantha Stambaugh – Shippensburg, PA

Seeing new movies isn’t always easy for college students, especially before they come out on DVD or Redbox.

Shippensburg’s Activities Program Board has the solution!

Free movies are available monthly for students to view.

APB chooses the movies by visiting a website, Swank, and see what movies are available for that month and are not yet available on DVD. The board then votes and decides what to show students.

The movies for the month of October are Monsters University, Despicable Me 2, We’re The Millers, and The Bling Ring.

The movie dates and times are available in the October edition of APB’s event listings and are shown in the Orndorff Theater.

Kristina Carey goes in depth about how the board chooses the movies. Listen to hear more.


Shippensburg Homecoming

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By, Samantha Stambaugh

Two queen candidates answer questions about why they decided to run for Shippensburg University’s Homecoming Queen.

APB Parents and Family Weekend

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By, Samantha Stambaugh, Shippensburg, PA

September 25, 2013

You might not think it’s magical when your mom comes to college, but this Saturday, the Activities Program Board is hosting its annual Parents and Family Celebration with the theme of The Magic at SHIP.

Parents, guardians, friends, and families are encouraged to join their students for photo opportunities, games, a balloon artist and a mentalist.

The day will start off with a pancake breakfast at Reisner Dining Hall with Interim President Dr. Jody Harpster.

Stop by the CUB today to register and find out more about APB’s Parents and Family Celebration.

SU Homecoming King and Queen

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By, Samantha Stambaugh, Shippensburg, PA

September 18, 2013

It’s that time of year again!

Applications are now available at the CUB Information Desk to apply for the next Homecoming King and Queen to follow in the footsteps of the 2012 King and Queen, Jimmy Thren and Sara Kobus.

Juniors and Seniors that meet the academic requirement and have at least a 2.5 GPA are elegible to apply.

Show off your creativity by campaigning for the position on the Homecoming Court.

The winner will be crowned on October 26th at the Homecoming football game when the Shippensburg Red Raiders battle the West Chester Rams.

Money raised will go to the Homecoming’s 2013 Charity, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society of Central Pennsylvania.

Corn Hole Tournament

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cornhole 001

By, Samantha Stambaugh, Shippensburg, PA

September 11, 2013

The Shippensburg Ceddia Union Building will be hosting a corn hole tournament this Saturday night at 10 at the Ship Deck Amphitheater.

The tournament will be put on by CUB Manager, Anthony Gallone, and CUB Programming.

Form a team of two people and try your luck for the chance to win $100 in Amazon Gift Cards.

Sign ups are at the CUB Information Desk now.

New Eateries on Campus

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By, Samantha Stambaugh, Shippensburg, PA

September 4, 2013

If Shippensburg students are looking for a new place to eat on campus, The Galley located in the Ceddia Union Building is the right place to visit.

Homestyle kitchen, Quiznoes Subs, and Freshens Frozen Yogurt are gone this year.

A new test kitchen, Mondo subs and a new frozen yogurt station in the galley have replaced the eateries.

Shippensburg is getting a Dunkin Donuts in the Great Hall of the CUB in the spring of 2014.

All other dining halls on campus remain the same.